poudly I HONORwith all my heart
All Those Who
Serve and Have Served
in the
of the

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This is my personal demonstration of support for the men and women of the United States Military. It is one way to say thank you to those currently serving and to those who have served with pride in the past.

In my opinion all true Americans should be grateful to those who have given up a measure of their individuality so that we may all keep ours. It is because of them that we may freely express our views today. With that in mind...


I pay Tribute To those who stand the lonely watch far from home, I stand with you.

pay Homage To those who have given of themselves in the past so that we may enjoy the freedoms of today, I will never forget you.

Without Reservation To those who are still held captive, I help work for your release. As your loved ones keep a place for you in their homes, so do I keep a place for you in my heart.

 For your pain is mine To those who endure the ill-intentioned critisism and ridicule of people without honor, know that I endure with you. YOUR honor will always be true.

I am with you To those who have suffered broken bodies and shattered lives in the defense of liberty, I thank you. Your spirit will live forever.

will always be remembered in my heart. To those who have given their lives for their comrades, and so that all Americans may be free, I thank you. May your spirits join your gods in the places where warriors who have given their all rest finally in peace.


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