Having trouble understanding others? Your friends, family and/or other loved ones? Perhaps an aquaintence's behaviour puzzles you. Or worse, are you having trouble understanding yourself? Or do you just want to kill some time in a fun way?


If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions I offer for your amusement and possible enlightenment, the MYERS-BRIGGS TEST for PERSONALITY TYPE.

There are 2 ways of taking the test starting from this page. First is to follow the link below and be tested on the Web. Unfortunately the site providing this test has begun to charge money for half of the test results so taking their form of the test will only give you half of your profile results for free. They want money for the other half. Also be advised that once this particular test has been taken it has been reported that unsolicited emails have been sent to participants. Take the test on the Web now.

Second is to take the test off-line and have a PC with PKWare's PKUNZIP.EXE (or some other file unzipping program), you can download the PC version from this page. NOTE: Sorry. No macintra$h version available here. *GRYN* Just download it with your browser, and then transfer it from your account with your PC's communications program (those who use browsers that will transfer files directly to the PC may skip this step, as the file will already be sent to your PC by your browser). NOTE: This is a COMPRESSED file, so you should be sure that you're downloading to your PC in BINARY mode.

Once the file, PUM.ZIP is on your PC's hard drive, copy it to the empty directory of your choice and use PKWare's PKUNZIP.EXE (or some other program that will handle .ZIP files) to unzip the file. Then just type "pum" at the command prompt or in the Windows 'Run' box to take the test! You will get full, printable results that are absolutely free of charge and without the disadvantage of unwanted emails.


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