People have asked me why my nick on IRC is Aggedor. Some are under the impression that this is reference to the movie, 'The Birdcage.' Though I admire the historical Spartacus this is a false assumption. Others believe that this is because I graduated from Texas Agricultural and Mechanical University. This is also incorrect. What's the true explanation then? Read on.


I am a fan of the landmark British Science-Fiction television series, "Doctor Who." This series aired for almost three decades on British TV. This is unusual, since most television series in the U.K. don't last very many years at all. "Doctor Who" survived and maintained its popularity for so long because the main character of the series was capable of "regenerating" himself, emerging with a totally new personality. The character also came out of "regeneration" with a new body, which made it simple for new actors to take over the part of the main character every few years.

One of my favorite actors to play the series' title role was Mr. Jon Pertwee. In the early 1970's Mr. Pertwee's version of The Doctor met a space monster named Aggedor in two episodes of the 'Doctor Who' series. Those episodes were "The Curse of Peladon" and "The Monster of Peladon [the first 'sequel' episode ever filmed in the series]."

Picture of the Doctor Who Aggedor Character
with the Author Name Aggedor (pictured at right as authored by Brian Hayles and played in a hot and uncomfortable 'monster suit' by actor, Nick Hobbs) is short and vaguely canine with brown fur, claws and fangs, and a horn in the middle of his forehead. Aggedor began each of the two episodes as a terrible monster, feared by all. Each episode ended with the God-Beast of the planet, Peladon demonstrating that despite his fearsome appearance he was capable of good, loyalty and even being lovable.

In the late 1980's I received a kitten as a present. This little feline destruction zone was every bit as fierce at the space monster, Aggedor. At the same time though, he was also a loving companion, which inspired me to name him for the lovable and misunderstood monster, Aggedor.

I then made the mistake of moving to Austin, Texas in November of 1989. Less than a year later Aggedor had died, I believe of cancer (though the vet could not confirm this).

When I first logged on to IRC I tried to think of an all-purpose nickname for myself. I came up with many, but the best has always been Aggedor. This is partly because I share the character's physicalities in that I'm short (see my bio file), with brown hair and eyes. Aggedor is also a good nick for me, since when provoked by arrogance or bigotry I can become quite the (nonviolent) monster. Also like the 'God of Peladon,' I've even been known to be lovable on occasion.

The Light that Lives On... Most of all though, I call myself Aggedor to remember a loving companion and friend, whom I hope to be with again one day.

Now you know.


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