Here's my face.  here's the voice to go with the face!and another face shot


Full Body Picture For fun, another SMALLER picture of me (head/torso shot) is here, closer to the bottom of this page and to the right. To the right there's a full body shot. I'll be 53 soon and I'm 5'5" I have dark brown hair (graying), a mustache (also graying) and a beard (which is graying, too). My left eye is brown and my right eye is kind of misty darkish blue (thanks to internal lens implants). I'd LIKE to weigh in at around 150 pounds, normally. I sometimes wear glasses and I use a white cane.

The cane helps me travel as I'm blind!

What's behind the pictures, though? What makes me tick? One window onto this is my profile as indicated through the Myers-Briggs Personality Test. It rates me as an INFJ, and those who know me tend to agree with the assessment. My true friends remind me not to let it go to my head.

Since 1984 I have studied personal computers and the Internet. This discipline has been heightened since 1996. I have kept current through such activities as the successful completion of a number of private and public computer consulting jobs. These have included one in August of 1997 for the Riverside Campus of Austin Community College (Letters of Recommendation available on request).

Picture of me typing away at my old modifried ADM20 terminal Currently I'm an IT consultant but I have worked telephone Internet tech support. If you'd like to know what IT support is like (or if you've ever done Internet tech support over the phone) listen to this song. If you know what it's like to do what I do already it's BOUND to bring a smile to your face. I found the tune on my friend,Ruth's Website. We don't know who performed this little number, but it seems *almost* an anthem for our occupation.

Experienced in PC's, starting a small business, marketing and PR, I am fully willing and able to work for the firm that is intelligent enough to hire me. If anyone reading this page is hiring, please request my resume. It is available in HTML or text format.

I have a desire to leave some small corner of this world in a better state than I originally found it. To that end I have been involved for over a decade now, in advocacy work with my fellow blind persons and their sighted friends. Head/Torso Picture I am an enthusiastic supporter of the National Federation of the Blind. Members and friends of the NFB have a strong commitment to the betterment of life for the blind now and in the future.

I've been involved with Operation Just Cause, which helps to remind the United States government that there are still men and women missing in Southeast Asia from the Viet Nam war. Captain Ronald Wayne Forrester, USMC is one such hero who disappeared and has yet to be found. I encourage everyone to adopt a POW or MIA and help with the work to finally bring them all home.

When I'm not working or on computers I enjoy hobbies such as books and movies (science-fiction, Western, action, animated/anime), I'm also into discussing the political happennings of the day, football, cars, firearms and history.

Outside I enjoy walking/hiking, swimming and photographing nature. Visitors to my site can see a few examples of my earlier photographic efforts here and there.

Church Street in Burlington, Vermont Living in Texas where I'm originally from it was usually too hot to do much outdoors for about seven months out of the year. That all changed when I moved to Burlington, Vermont in August of 2002. Here in Burlington the summers are shorter and cooler. Autumn comes with the sort of spectacular display of Fall leaves that draws tourists known as 'leafers' or 'peepers' from around the world. Then there's Winter. In Texas I used to dream of living in places that looked like the Christmas cards I'd see and now I'm doing just that. The other locals complain a bit about the snow but personally I still find its beauty magical.

To the left is a picture of Burlington's idea of downtown. It's a great example of why I love this city. It's the largest one in Vermont but its compactness makes it easy to get around in. City bus service in Burlington is superior to some larger cities I've lived in, partially because there are several college and university campuses here. We have all of the malls, shops, clubs and restaurants that a modern city dweller could desire and yet when our high school puts on a play it still makes the local nightly news.

I'm still a Texan, born and bred with a pride in my home state and its people that will never fade. That being said though I'm VERY glad I made the move to New England's cooler climes.

I'm a cat man from way back. Though I'm no stranger to love I'm single and reasonably happy with myself.

Comedy is something I've loved over the years. My own humor has gotten me into trouble more than once but it's a means of expression that brings me joy. I'll never be a professional comedian but I'll always be grateful when I can give others a good laugh.


Worthy endeavours & organizations to support are

Equality for the Blind Website Accessibility Release of POW/MIAs Still Held

Free Speech on the Internet

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