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American War Hero

Marine-Nighthawk (VMA-533)
Aviator : Bombardier/Navigator

Capt. Ronald Wayne Forrester, USMC

America Honors Him

What's wrong with the images is that they are incomplete. Captain Forrester SHOULD be shown in the center, welcomed home by his family and friends. Instead the frame for his picture stands empty, an agonizing reminder that the people and government of the United States have turned their backs on him, the pilot shot down with him and the rest of the MIA's and POW's who could still be living today, captives of the sadistic regime of communist Vietnam.

Who was Ronald Forrester? How did he serve the Free World in Viet Nam? What happened to him 'over there?' And most importantly, WHY ISN'T HE HOME?


Captain Forrester's 'statistics' can be viewed in this text file, but that's only a small part of who he was and is. His full name is Ronald Wayne Forrester. He was born on March 15th, 1947. He lived in Odessa, Texas. According to the Former Students' Association at TAMU, He graduated from Texas A&M University in January of 1970 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering. His rank and branch of service is recorded as O2 in the United States Marine Corps. His outfit (Unit) was Marine All Weather Attack Squadron (VMA)-533 (ED NIGHTHAWKS) at MAG 15, 1st Marine Air Wing. Like his fellow MIA's and POW's, he is also an American Son, a friend...and a hero. Though he probably wished he were back home in Odessa building roads and bridges, Ronald Forrester chose not to flee to Canada or burn a draft card. He went to serve, putting himself at great risk for the cause of human liberty. During the time he was maintained missing, 1Lt. Forrester was promoted to Captain.


Ronald Forrester (at the time a 1Lt) was copilot and bomardier/navigator in a Grumman A6A Intruder The Intruder is an all weather, low-altitude, carrier-based attack plane. The A6A primarily flew close air support, all-weather and night attacks on enemy troop concentrations, and night interdiction missions. The A6A was much like the more modern A6E, shown here.

Listed Specifications of the A6A
Intruder. Its advanced navigation and attack system, known as DIANE (Digital Integrated Attack Navigation Equipment) allowed small precision targets, such as bridges, barracks and fuel depots to be located and attacked in all weather conditions, day or night. The planes were credited with some of the most difficult single-plane strikes in the war, including the destruction of the Hai Duong bridge between Hanoi and Haiphong by a single A6. Their missions were tough, but their crews among the most talented and most courageous to serve the United States.


Ronald Forrester was the co-pilot of an A6A Intruder (piloted by Captain Ralph J. Chipman) assigned a mission over North Vietnam on December 27, 1972. The aircraft did not return. Last contact was made with the crew over the target area.

Map Pictiure of Ronald Forrester's Last Mission Area A subsequent article in Quan Doi Nhan Dan, a daily Vietnamese newspaper described an aircraft downed by the Vietnamese. Apparently the pilot was reported to be dead, and possibly the co-pilot as well. Although this article was thought to possibly relate to Chipman and Forrester, it was not definite enough for proof of death. Both men were classified Missing in Action.

It is believed that the Vietnamese could account for them.

Ronald Forrester and Ralph Chipman are among nearly 2500 American men and women (including civilians), who remain missing from the Vietnam war. Many experts, having seen the "several million" documents relating to Americans prisoners, missing or unaccounted for in Southeast Asia, believe that hundreds of these men are still alive in captivity today.


In our mad rush to leave Southeast Asia, we abandoned some of our best people. As normalization of relations with Vietnam continues there is no binding agreement which would free those Americans still held in Southeast Asia. In our haste to return to Indochina will we abandon our sons and daughters a second time? Have we written them off? Do we even care about them anymore?

Since the United States left South Vietnam to it's horrible fate we as a nation have endeavoured to 'heal,' to 'restore our pride' and to 'move on.' But can we truly do any of these yet? Can the national wound that was the Vietnam war be completely healed when the potential exists that there are hundreds of Americans being brutalized DAILY by their communist captors? Can we raise our heads in pride again as long as sociopathic prison guards are allowed to humiliate our countrymen and countrywomen in captivity? Finally can we move on to a next, better chapter in our history while many of those who fought to keep us free are imprisoned with no hope of release?

Suppose it was you in one of those sweltering prison camps, Reader? What would you be thinking right now...as your fellow citizens, living in what must by now seem a different, fantastical world go about their daily lives...Have they forgotten you? Has your government forgotten you? Can you ever hope to see home again? Will you die here? Will you, Reader, forget Ronald Forrester? More important would you help him if you could?

If he still lives, Ronald Forrester is now 63 years old. If he has survived he should be welcomed home by a greatful nation. If he has made the ultimate sacrifice for his country his family deserves the peace of knowing that he had a decent, honored burial.

YES YOU CAN Make A Difference TODAY

Operation: Just Cause Click on the image to the right of this paragraph (link at top left of this paragraph for text users). You'll learn from other concerned citizens how YOU can help return Ronald Forrester, and the other American MIA's and POW's home.

Ronald Forrester made great sacrifices for you. Can you refuse to help him?

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