Here are a few tidbits concerning my Website. More important however, are the acknowledgements, which recognize some of the people who have done me some good over the years I've been putting Web pages together. The opinions expressed are completely my own, and do not reflect the philosophy of any person, group, organization and/or entity except myself. It's up to you to decide whether what I say is thought-provoking, diverting, sickening, annoying or just plain old good for a laugh. I hope you'll have fun reading this at any rate. Enjoy!


The first acknowledgement is for the name of this page. It was inspired by Sonia Mahon, a 'real life' friend of mine from my first 'virtual' days on the Internet in the early 1990's.

Wow! Isn't it *amazing* how many of these things tell you the page is under construction! *gryn*

A small caveat before beginning. Due to the occasional network glitch, and the fact that I update and change things from time to time, files don't always come up at the first "click" on a link. If this happens, just try again. If it happens continuously, please use the email links and contact me at, and I'll look into the problem.


Putting things together, I've done all I can to make mine a Website that anyone can visit with ANY Web browser, and a resource where everyone can find something positive.

A word or two here about image files. People might be tempted to ask me why it is that a few of my image/link icons are somewhat on the large side, or take somewhat longer to load. This might seem strange since I say that I'm concerned about such issues as wastage of bandwidth with excessive images and page loading speed. The question is valid and I apologise in advance for any inconvenience extended load times may cause. There's a good answer for the question, however. Most of the larger image files have words in them, and in keeping with my accessibility policy I want to be sure that as many people as possible can view them. If they were smaller people with low vision might have trouble making them out and those with strained vision might not appreciate the increased squintage involved in looking at them either. In the case of my Awards Page I have chosen to retain the original size of the awards for their esthetic value, and out of respectful gratitude for their recognition of my work. The reader can rest assured that I will keep my image files as small as possible, while recognizing the real issue of accessibility.

I've attempted to inject some originality into my work, while providing a pleasant graphical *and* textual environment. I'm VERY interested in maintaining maximum viewability in any Web page I create, therefore I'm an enthusiastic supporter of the ANY BROWSER Campaign. Everything on my personal Website has been tested with ViewHTML, Lynx, IE, the Website Garage and in some instances, NetScape. Though I can use the available specialized HTML editors, I like to be sure of accuracy by coding with a standard text editor.

A/V fun stuff you see in here owes its beginnings mostly to the instruction and inspiration of Amy Brown who has displayed the patience of a Saint at my relentless questioning. Thanks a ton, Amy! *HUG*

Almost all of the animated images displayed on my site were created by myself. Those that haven't been are given proper credit.

More good advice has come from my artistic, and practical good friend, Alodi WolfSong. Her page is definitely a treat for the eye and stimulating to the mind. Thank you, Alodi. *Snugs*

Gene Milner, my brother and odly enough these days my friend, has also lent a hand in the graphics area. He's inspired me to find tools for Windows 95 that I can actually produce passable animated graphics with for myself. There's a lot of satisfaction in being able to do that, and I owe the boy a vote of thanks.

Viewing the results of my html work was made a *LOT* easier with the donation from Judy Spiker-Larsen. Bob Piekut later gave me more hardware, which I merged with Judy's contribution to make some of my first good, stable backup box. I've since then gotten a box capable of Windows 95, but Judy and Bob's contributions helped along the way. Love ya, Judy. *MMwah!* And a hearty handshake for you, Bob. Thanks.

I've gotten a LOT of substantive support from my good friend, Bob Piekut as well. Thanks, Bob. You RULE!

Many of the digitized photographs on this home page were made by myself (Copyright 1996 David Milner. All Rights Reserved.), between the years 1983 and 1985. The 'button' and 'nameplate' graphics were done by me as well, and the same copyright applys. In the case of the hypertext edition of, If Blindness Comes I've taken the liberty of making the adaptation of the print edition to hypertext myself, but the book is NOT written by me. It's Copyrighted by the National Federation of the Blind and I completely and unreservedly acknowledge their total rights to this publication in ALL forms. As with everything else visitors are welcome to download these, and use them on their own pages. Please remember to give proper credit, though. B-)

Church Street, Burlington, Vermont Photo by Carolyn Bates Courtesy of the Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce

Those interested in links and other goodies will find sound and graphic files, here for the taking. There are also plenty of links to other great home pages, Internet Services and ftp archives. I won't run a link farm, but I WILL offer a jumping-off point to some very good things as well as some truly original content.

Looking for the latest and best adult entertainment files? Well you won't find them here. If that's what you came for you're in the wrong place. I do not provide any sources of online right/left-wing terrorism, sado-masechism, child pornography or beastiality. Not in text *or* graphic format.

The growing threat to freedom of expression on the Internet from so many who would bar the people's unfettered use of this forum has prompted me to join in supporting the efforts of the EFF Blue Ribbon Free Speech Campaign. I strongly encourage everyone who is concerned about the artificially-enhanced hysteria over the supposed 'dangers' of the Internet to join with me in participation in the Blue Ribbon effort.

What you *will* find is that these pages have been produced by a host who believes in freedom of expression, sharing useful information with style and having good-natured fun.

Other interesting materials and features will follow in the fullness of time. They'll be better presented, too. Don't rush me though and to you I say, Peace. B-)


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