This is the ONE place for HTML authors who want to add a dash of colour to their Web pages.

Included here are 2 colour code charts. One includes 140 HTML colours listed by colorname, hex code and RGB code. The other features 216 colours (the widest range of HTML colours possible) listed in hexidecimal code.

I got the idea for this set of pages because I had lost this great HTML colour code chart that I had used for years, and in the midst of a site reconstruction I found that I needed another.

When i went looking I found the codes. With them though, were unnecessary things like the codes all set in one gigantic .GIF, pages with ads flashing all over the place, pop-up windows that I wasn't interested in and intrusive midi music. All I wanted was the colour codes.

Knowing I wanted a new page for my site for the next month I decided to create a good, no-nonsense, non-intrusive place where Web authors could come and look at colour charts and even download them for their own personal use (no commercialism, please and do remember the graphics at the bottom of the pages are copyrighted). In keeping with my policy of maximum access HTML authoring I also made these pages and the codes in them easy to read. In fact if a totally blind person using a text-based Web browser wished to he or she could go to the colorname/hex/RGB colour code chart page I made, read what the colours are and code colours without having to actually see the colours themselves. So have fun! Use these charts in good health and don't forget to put ALT tags in with your images! B-)


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