Accessibility Options


Windows NT Workstation 4.0

The following keyboard commands are alternatives to using the mouse for the Accessibility Options in Windows NT Workstation Version 4.0 from Microsoft. They provide mouse-free through the speed and ease of the keyboard. They are also good for getting any user out of scrapes, when for some reason a mouse isn't available.

Not all functions available using the mouse have a hot key alternative, but those that do are listed below.


Choosing & Configuring Accessibility Options

Hold down ALT and press ESC to get to the Start menu.
From the Start menu press the UP Arrow key util Settings is highlighted.
Press the RIGHT Arrow key and then press ENTER when Control Panel is highlighted.
The Accessibility Options are the first menu item in the upper left, the first menu item in the Control Panel.


Turning Accessibility Options On and Off

NOTE:	Accessibility Options behave the same in Windows NT
	Workstation 4.0 as they do in Windows 95.

For StickyKeys
Press the SHIFT Key 5 times
For FilterKeys
Press the RIGHT SHIFT key for 8 seconds
For ToggleKeys
Press the NUMBER LOCK key for 5 seconds
For MouseKeys
Press the LEFT ALT and LEFT SHIFT and NUMBER LOCK keys together
For Contrast
Press the LEFT ALT and LEFT SHIFT and PRINT SCREEN keys together


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