Keyboard Control


Windows 2000

The following keyboard commands create an alternative to using the mouse in Windows 2000 from Microsoft. They provide accessibliity through the speed and ease of the keyboard. They are also good for getting any user out of scrapes, when for some reason a mouse isn't available.


Setting Options for People Who Have Difficulty Using the Mouse

This option in the Windows 2000 Accessibility Wizard allows you to:


Step: 1

Display the Start menu by pressing CTRL+ESC (or the Windows logo key).
Move to Programs by pressing P.
Move to Accessories by pressing the UP ARROW or DOWN ARROW key, then Press ENTER.
Move to Accessibility, and then press ENTER.
Move to Accessibility Wizard, and then press ENTER.

Step: 2

In the Welcome to the Accessibility Wizard dialog box:
Press N.

Step: 3

In the Text Size dialog box:
Select the smallest text you can read by using the UP ARROW and DOWN ARROW keys, then Press N.

Step: 4

In the Display Settings dialog box:
Select the options you want and then Press N.

Step: 5

In the Set Wizard Options dialog box:
Select the I have difficulty using the keyboard or mouse check box by pressing K.
Press N to continue through the wizard (use the arrow keys and ENTER to select the appropriate options).

Step: 6

In the Completing the Accessibility Wizard dialog box:
Press ENTER to save your changes and exit the wizard.


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