Windows 3.1x Access Pack

Access via Keyboard, Mouse and Communication


Computer Access Aids for the Disabled

Developed by: 

The Trace Research and Development Center 
Madison, WI.

Revision 2.0
April 1992

For Microsoft Corporation

Mark Novak, Joe Schauer, and Gregg Vanderheiden

Hypertext Version by David Milner August, 1998

Table of Contents

 1.Introduction to Access Pack

2. Installation of Access Pack software
3. Automatic Startup of the Access Utility
4. Non-Windows Apps' Use of Access Features
5. The StickyKeys Feature
6. Keyboard Response Features (SlowKeys, RepeatKeys & BounceKeys)
7. The MouseKeys Feature
8. The ToggleKeys Feature
9. The SerialKeys Feature
The ShowSounds Feature
The TimeOut Feature

Introduction to Access Pack

Access Pack for Microsoft Windows makes it easier for users to control the keyboard and mouse when using Windows versions 3.0, 3.1 or 3.11 It is designed primarily for individuals with motion-related disabilities who may have difficulty using the computer key board or mouse, and for individuals who prefer visual feedback in place of sounds.

Access Pack provides the following features:

	StickyKeys	allows single-fingered typing
	SlowKeys 	ignores keys which are pressed accidentally or for
			a short time
	RepeatKeys 	adjusts or disables the keyboard repeat rate
	BounceKeys      ignores keys which are pressed too quickly or at
			the same time
	MouseKeys	allows control of the mouse cursor using the keyboard
	ToggleKeys 	provides audio queues when toggle keys are turned on
			or off
	SerialKeys 	allows control of the computer using an alternate 
			input device
	ShowSounds	provides a visual cue when sounds are generated
	TimeOut 	turns off the Access features when they're not being

These features can be used separately or in combination, and can be customized to suit the user's preference. They are all designed so that an individual who requires a feature can turn it on without assistance, as long as the Access Pack is installed.

When all features are disabled, individuals who do not need them should not notice that the Access Pack is installed. Therefore, a computer on which Access Pack is installed can be used both by individuals who require it and those who do not.

It is recommended that Access Pack be installed on all computers which may be used by multiple people, such as public or workgroup machines.

The Access Pack software is fully compatible with most hardware configurations. Access Pack consists of three keyboard drivers and a mouse driver, which replace the standard Windows drivers which are used on most hardware. It also includes the Access Utility (ACCESS.EXE), a program that controls the Access function, and a few other files which the Access Utility uses.


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